3-Day Intensives

Do you need a jumpstart on recovery but a 2-Week Program isn’t feasible with your busy schedule?  Our 3-Day Intensive may be right for you.  Expedition’s 3-Day Sexual Recovery Intensive for men or women will create a individualized program to meet your specific recovery needs. We can help you to gain an understanding of why you act out sexually and equip you with tools to change your destructive sexual behavior.  Intensives are designed to get the recovery process off to a solid start or to help people further along who need a breakthrough.  An individualized program for the partners of sex addicts is also available to help work through the pain and trauma that they have experienced. Our Certified Sexual Addiction Therapists are Christians who bring God into the healing process.

3-Day Intensives are usually scheduled over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday or over Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  They consist of 9 sessions which can include both individual and couples sessions at our San Diego counseling center.  The fee is $1,950 and your insurance may reimburse some of the cost. You arrange for your own accommodations and meals.  Contact us today for more info 619.298.8722 x200.

We also offer weekly individual, couples and group psychotherapy for sexual addiction and for partners hurt by sexual addiction.