Who is Expedition For?

Expedition 2-week Recovery Program is for men who deal with sexually compulsive behaviors.

Expedition 3-Day Intensives are for men or women dealing with sexually compulsive behavior in their life or in their partner.


  • Are addicted to viewing pornography
  • Compulsively masturbate
  • Engage in chronic infidelity
  • Have spent large sums of money on massage parlors, strip clubs, prostitutes and want to stop
  • Compulsively engage in dangerous sexual activity – anonymous sexual encounters, S&M, indecently exposing yourself
  • Have greatly damaged the trust in your marriage or relationship because of your sexual behavior
  • You are the wounded partner of a sex addict

Expedition 2-Week Program for Men
If you are struggling with one or some of the behaviors above and feel you need to get away from the daily stressors of life to get a jump start on your recovery, then our Expedition 2-Week Program for men is for you. It is significantly less expensive than a traditional 30 day inpatient program and allows you to focus on learning recovery tools and get to the root of the problem much faster and more efficiently than in typical outpatient therapy. Expedition therapists are experienced, trained and equipped to help you break free from these destructive and painful behaviors. Call us today to get the help you need! 619.298.8722 x200  Click here for more in depth information on the 2-Week Program.

3-Day Intensives for Men or Women are individualized to meet your recovery needs.  They can include individual or couples sessions. Click here for more information.

We also offer weekly ongoing individual, couples, and group psychotherapy for sexual addiction.

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